2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package, Redesign

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package, Redesign. New Ford Ranger is about to arrive. It will be a complete pickup with numerous powertrain options, high-performance Raptor variant and much more. The latest upgrade is the FX2 Package. The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Package will deliver plenty of upgrades. For the start, electronic-locking rear differential.

An off-road-tuned suspension is available. This kit costs only $600 and you will get a lot of stuff for that money. The price seems to be very affordable. The FX2 package comes with the rear-wheel-drive system and that could be an issue for the AWD fans.

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

2023 Ford Ranger Powertrain

The upcoming 2023 Ranger will offer both gasoline and diesel engine options. A 2.3-liter EcoBoost produces up to 280 hp. Slight modifications are possible so you can opt for a 300-hp output. As for the diesel, a 3.2-liter is available. The turbodiesel will deliver similar power but significantly more torque, around 400 lb-ft.

The 2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Package can be equipped with either of engine options. Unlike the FX4 Package that adds a 4WD setup, FX2 comes with an RWD system. The most important upgrade will be an electronic-locking rear differential and off-road-tuned suspension. These mechanical upgrades will be so important for the upcoming model. According to Blue Oval, FX2 Package is the result of the customers’ needs and their feedback.

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package Design

Ford already introduced the Black Package for its Ranger model a couple of months ago. Now, the 2023 Ford Ranger FX2 offroad package is also available. It is a very similar package to the FX4 variant that adds a four-wheel-drive. FX2 version adds 17 or 18-inch wheels with the off-road tires. The front fascia wears underbody guard.

The air dam is gone which should improve the truck’s approach angle. Styling is slightly modified and body decal on the side has been slapped. Overall, the body looks sportier and more modern. That, Ford will introduce important mechanical changes, we’ll get to that later.

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

Cabin Details

The interior will get minor changes only. Inside the cabin, the 2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Package will introduce an off-road section. This section sits at the same place where the instrument cluster now sits. This change will provide the driver with very useful info about the vehicle. This comes very handily at times, especially during the rides on the rough terrains where the driver can have access to the pitch.

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The rest of the interior will remain pleasing and comfortable. There is a room for five passengers and the infotainment system is up to date. Ranger pickup will get more safety systems that will be offered in the FX2 package. Of course, you can load plenty of premium stuff that is optional.

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

Price and Release Date

Ranger truck is making a comeback in the United States. The arriving model will offer everything from the gasoline engine to the diesel variant and its first hybrid version. The upcoming 2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Package will represent a sort of off-road upgrade. This package costs only $600. For such a small price, Ford is offering a lot of gear, to be honest.

The price is more than fair but if you like more kit and 4WD setup, opt for the FX4 Package. The FX2 version will become instantly available when the regular Ford Ranger goes on sale.

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

2023 Ford Ranger FX2 Offroad Package

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